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Consistent Quality and Value

Dave Jackson’s podcasts about podcasting are at the top when it comes to learning everything you need to know about producing your own show. As a former teacher myself, I really appreciate someone who takes the time to share their knowledge in a way that’s both entertaining and easily understandable.

Dave Jackson provides wealth of Podcast info

I’ve been listening to Dave Jackson’s multiple podcast shows for about a year. If you want to learn to podcast, he is the real deal.

Little nuggets of wisdom

Dave Jackson is a witty guy who can get a point across quickly. If you’re a podcaster, you need this show. At only 5-minutes an episode, it’s very bingeable. Plus... that voice!

After episode #1, I binge-listened to the rest!

Episode one includes several “because of my podcast” stories. Once I heard how life-changing and career-changing podcasting can be, I wanted to hear more. The episodes are short and to the point. The topics covered are very helpful. For example, in episode #8, Dave talked about media hosts. I didn’t know how podcasts were published before that episode. Now, I believe I could start my own podcast. I also checked out and love Dave Jackson’s other podcast: School of Podcasting. Love, love love BOTH podcasts!