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Big Facts, No Cap is an iPod broadcast in which two normal dudes with highly overlapping worldviews give advice to online strangers who will probably never hear it. Using questions from advice columns ranging in scope from dating to pet care to religion and everything in between, Paul …

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The host, Rob Lewis, a home cook talks about recipes, inspirations, ingredients and the challenges of cooking different cuisines. Each week features a guest cook who will share stories about their best dishes and cooking tips for listeners who want to learn…

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My Notes to the Hosts:

This podcast is where hosts Charley and April share some of their life experiences with you, the listener. Join us as we discuss travel, family, loss, sports, and even some of the challenges we’ve faced as an interracial couple living in the South. We hope to enlighten and e…

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Here are my thoughts:


The music on the introduction was WAY too loud. I couldn't hear you. The introduction of your guests didn't stir any anticipation or make me think, "I can't wait to hear this." The guest audio was bad, and YOUR audio added hiss. You…

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02:32 Mugshot: Dog Podcast Network
03:16 Multitrack on Streamyard
08:06 Fast, Good, Cheap
13:25 Spotify Stream On Presentation
16:18 Spotify and WordPress
17:23 Different Modes in Clubhouse
18:16 Can You Connect a Zoom P4 to Clubhouse
20:57 What's Wrong wit…

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Feb. 20, 2021

Ask the Podcast Coach

00:03:35 I Don't Know What To Podcast About?
00:06:14 Legalities of Recording Clubhouse
00:09:29 Mark Cuban is Creating a Clubhouse Competitor
00:10:10 Zoom Alternatives
00:16:53 A Curling Podcast?
00:19:35 Ecamm Call Recorder
00:22:26 $200 on a Mixer?
00:23:42 How to Get ideas for Episodes…

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You share a lot of information that we don't need. I did like that you weren't asking for money and I liked your description in Apple.
Full notes at

Storyworthy By Matthew Dicks (aff link)

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00:00:41 World Radio Day
00:02:38 Sponsor:
00:04:13 Mugshot: Dog Podcast Network
00:05:33 Podcasts and Audio Books
00:15:29 Clubhouse Can See Us
00:17:03 Audio Drama in Podcasting
00:25:04 Does Clubhouse Boost Views?
00:27:44 How Dave Saved 1000 Dollars
00:30:19 How Are …

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Comments on The Fantasy Football Dudes?

Each week the dudes share their informed, outspoken, fearless, and often wild commentary on the latest fantasy football headlines. If you want political correctness, keep looking. These guys eat, sleep, and urinate fantasy. Whether y…

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Full show notes at
The intro was pretty bad, but kudos for trying something different. You seem to have an identity crisis. Your Appel description mentioned hip hop, but the episode you sent me was a movie review.

I liked your conversational style (but your que…

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In a nutshell, I plug the Rodecaster into the computer. I plug my mic into channel one and plug my iPhone into the Rodecaster. From there it's just streamyard.

Again, their terms say you need written permission and I am getting verbal permission. Please consult a lawyer.

Rodecasterp Pro

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I had a Western Digital (WD) 4 TB drive go out on me (pretty much without wanting). I downloaded my backup from Backblaze ( and unzipped it only to find half my files were missing!

It turns out I had backed up the problem. I moved my backup date back a date and P…

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1. Know why you're starting a podcast
2. Know your audience
3. What can you talk about to hold the attention of the WHO and get them to do your WHY.
4. Determine your format
5. Purchase your equipment
6. Practice recordings and get to know your gear
7. Identify your Intro and Outro
8. Record…

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Today we talk about
Keeping it Real
Fishing For Stories
You Just Need a Story...
and Be Conversational
and deliver consistently...

I'd rather have an edited show that gets right to the point filled with stories that pertain to the subject of the episode delivered in a relaxed conversation that del…

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Today we are looking at the Be Great and Dominate podcast (

Your energy is LARGE, and if that is authentic then more power to you.
You might add a bit about your show, and you (why should I listen to you)?.
I love that you got right to the point.
As you are using Anchor,…

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Show being reviewed:

Get Reviewed:
The intro needs some work. Lose the music for the sake of nothing. Introduce the show, You, and the topic. As your audience has a hard time focusing, give us …

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