So many people feel, "I will make a podcast and people will find me." I'm here to let you know the "find me" part is getting harder and harder as more and more people start podcasts. Does this mean you got into podcasting too late? No, but it does mean you're going to have to find a new marketing s…

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From Apple:

Dear Podcast Provider,

To improve your experience with Apple Podcasts, we want to share the following information and updates.

Optimize Your Show’s Metadata

The metadata of your show is your product packaging. It includes all of the details about your show — such as title, author n…

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In this video Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting shows how to join a meeting and set your audio and video.

For more information about zoom see

How to Connect to Zoom with Your Phone

Start Your Own Podcast

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Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting ( is inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame by Daniel J Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast at Podcast Movement 2018.

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You only get one chance to make a first impression and with podcasting, and unlike radio and TV that start playing when you turn them on, with podcasts apps, your app start and THEN you press play. Your TITLE should make people want to press play.

Need help? See

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I was challenged on my fact that if you upload an mp3 to it doesn't change it to an m4a. Here is what I base this on.

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Some of you may dismiss this as I work for a competitor, but I'm speaking in this video as Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting. Here are some facts:

1. Anchor gives you one category for your feed. Almost all hosts give you three. More ways to categorize your show - more ways to be found
2. …

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Feb. 9, 2019

Ask the Podcast Coach

see or call 330-294-9393

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There is more to moving your podcast than changing your feed in Apple Podcasts Connect. When you do this you strand your audience For more information see

If you'd like help with this come see me at and I…

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I want to help you avoid any headaches and panic attacks. So today I'm hoping you never say "Hey I just released an episode and I don't see it."

Today I explain how syndication works, and how Apple podcasts is a mirror. You can find my show in Apple podcasts by going to…

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Call in live while we are recording at
330-294-9393 or watch live at

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You think that if you "Just Get (insert big name) that your podcast will go viral, and that money will fall from heaven, and your live will have meaning...

Then you do the interview. You feel it went well. It gets published, and you don't see any shares from your guest. Today I explain why.

Are y…

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Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting is joined by John Bukenas of Audio Editing Solutions. Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network joins us to kick the tires on a few things including:

Rode Rodercaster Pro in a Live Streaming Situation and for Taking Live Calls
Using Call In Studio t…

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There is low hanging fruit when I'm hired by someone to help them grow their podcast and I go to their site and the only link for subscribers is to Apple. Watch the video to see how there is so much more to podcasting than Apple. #android

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Today Dave Jackson from talks about how important it is to grow your audience by making it beyond easy for your audience to subscribe to your show on your own website.


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Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting is joined by special co-host Monica Rivera from the You Wanna Do What? podcast to talk a bit about her time after doing a fellowship with NPR

8:40 The Secrets of Dynamic Communication

11:48 Using Transcriptions to speed up your editing (check out o…

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1:30 The best money I've ever spent on Podcast was ....

7:08 Is this many downloads good for my show?

11;45 Starting off your show with a mistake got Dave a ton of "engagement."

12:55 Should I upgrade to a Sure SM7B with a Cloudlifter? or Should I go DBX286? Also, see a Fethead

17:00 Wordpress …

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[10:50] Is Anchor the New YouTube?

[15:51] Celebrity in Podcasting

[19:00] Global Audience Agency

[25:00] Does all the garbage block good shows?

[26:50] Doing a show like Joe Rogan

[38:00] Cross promotion after 235 episodes and WEB RINGS

39:53 Thanks to ALL of your Supporters see www.askthepo…

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3:48 Should I take time off for the holidays and skip some episodes

7:25 What email address should I use, my name or something generic like "Feedback?"

11:15 Facebook groups rarely give you a usable answer ( and can't take a yes or no answer)

15:13 Does speeding up playback make them sound like …

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We do not use the YouTube chat. Visit us at

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See for more details.

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