Oct. 1, 2020

Can You Say Your "Why?"

Can You Say Your "Why?"

If you don't know your WHY, you'll never make it through the how.

I was working with a client, I'll change things up a bit. Let's say they were interested in help people "Do More," or "Be More Productive." Who could use that content?

College Students


There are many more, but let's limit the list to the two above. 

You Need to KNOW your WHY?

There are many reasons to start a podcast. These include:

  • Being seen as an expert
  • Getting to talk to people you normally wouldn't
  • Growing influence
  • Selling more products
  • Getting your message out
  • and more..

In this instance, the person wanted to make some money with their podcast by promoting some digital products. That's fine. Now let's look at our potential audience

When it comes to college students vs Parents which one has more money? 

Parents - hands down. 

So who do you gear your content toward? Parents. Why? Because your "WHY" is to sell digital products and you have a better shot with parents. 

If you don't achieve your why, you will get frustrated and quit. 

Let's Brainstorm Together

Sometimes you are too close to the forest to see the trees. If you need someone to brainstorm and make sure your goals line up with your content, I can help with that.

Let's schedule a coaching call today. 

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