June 12, 2019

Top Podcast Directories

Top Podcast Directories

I'm often confused by this question, someone will come up to me and say, Hey, Dave, there are these different places where I should list my podcast. Should I list my show in (insert directory name)? My answer is, well, let's see, it's free and it will...

I'm often confused by this question, someone will come up to me and say, Hey, Dave, there are these different places where I should list my podcast. Should I list my show in blank?

My answer is, well, let's see, it's free and it will give you more exposure, and just a few minutes to submit to them.

Why would you not list your show there?

The answer is, yes, wherever you can list your show or doesn't hurt your brand. Why wouldn't you?

Top Podcast Directories You NEED to Be In

While there are a TON of podcast directories to submit your show to, here are the top directories I recommend

  • Apple Podcasts – Apple currently is the top podcast directory. When you are added to Apple, you are also added to many apps such as Overcast, Pocketcast, and many others.
  • Spotify – Depending on your audience some podcasts do very well in Spotify.  If you are using Libsyn you can submit via your dashboard, if not you can submit directly. You can also submit it directly if you're not on Libsyn
  • Stitcher – one of the older directories that were purchased in 2018 and again in 2020.
  • TuneIn – one of the biggest advantages of being in TuneIn is anyone with an Amazon Alexa device can ask her to play your show on TuneIn (Alexa Play Your Podcasting Consultant Tunein.com)
  • Google Podcasts – This is Google's latest stab at podcasting and they are taking it very seriously. The weird thing is you don't submit your show, you put some code in your website and wait for Google to search your site ( I hate this method as you have no control). Directions
  • Pandora – if you are on Libsyn you can ask to be included in Pandora which has a HUGE user database. Currently, in June of 2019, they are being very selective on who is accepted into their directory. I am hoping they open this up to everyone eventually.

Other Podcast Directories and Apps You Should Submit To Eventually

This list is of directories that you can add your show to, but if I only have a few minutes I would start with the list above, and come back to these later

Acast is a podcast host, but does have its own app and website. Scroll down and click on the add your show button.

Audioburst – Audioburst is an audio search engine, and this may get your podcast discovered by new listeners.

BluBrry runs a full podcast directory that can be used by other developers

Bullhorn runs a podcast app with a difference: you can use it without any data connection. Instead, the app gives each listener a temporary telephone number to call to listen to a podcast – using their free cellphone minutes.

Deezer makes a copy of your content and gives you weekly consumption reports. Check with your media hosting to see if this is an option.

iHeart – You may have heard of this company….. Check with your media host to see if this is an option

Radio Public will also let you earn money, if you want, and has a bunch of other useful tools for podcasters.

Podbean – While primarily a media host, they also have a directory.

Podchaser  This pulls from Apple Podcasts. Best to claim your podcast here though, to add more data.

Podknife – Register then use the “Add a podcast” menu item

Radio.com – This is a US-only option. Libsyn has this as a destination, but if you're not using Libsn you can add your show here

When You Add Your Show To Apple You Are Automatically Add To:

  • Castbox
  • Himalaya
  • Listen Notes
  • Overcast
  • PocketCasts
  • Podchaser
  • Player.fm

This is why Apple podcasts should be one of the first places you submit your show for approval.

How to Speed Up The Submitting Your Show to Podcast Directories

One of my ALL TIME Favorite tools is text expander. Text expander allows you to take things you may have to enter over and over and make it easy to types those items with a few keystrokes that they call “snippets”. For example, when I type #dje it types my email ( I always use a # so I don't trigger a “Snippet” by accident). With this in mind you could make a snippet of you:

  • Description
  • email address
  • website address
  • Your name

And fill out these forms in record time. There is a free trial, so you could use this software to submit your show to directories and never purchase the software (although there are a TON of things you can do with it like set up an episode template)

Check out Text Expander For Free

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