Jan. 15, 2021

Podcast Promotion 101

Podcast Promotion 101

Point them To Your Website

Today I talk about something that happened on my live Saturday show Ask the Podcast Coach. We asked a few people "Where can we find your podcast?" and few people answered the podcast correctly. 


WHY would you (in some cases) PAY to promote someone else's brand? This baffles me. If you're new to link trees, here is a definition. 

A link tree allows you to create a personalized and easily-customizable page, that houses all the important links you want to share with your audience. 

I have a name for that: YOUR WEBSITE?

When someone asks you where they can find your stuff you give them one answer YOUR WEBSITE.

Then on your website, you can have buttons to subscribe to the show on all the platforms. 


You can boost your Google ranking by having people stay on your site.

By sharing a link to your site, that then gets shared on social, which also will build your Google rankings.

If you are doing Facebook advertising, you can place the pixel. 

Your audience can subscribe on whatever app they want. 


When you are saying, "find me in (app)" you may be sending your audience into a black hole. Sending them to your website eliminates them having to find you. 

Podcast Launch Checklist


I do a live show every Saturday at 10:30, eastern standard time called Ask the podcast coach. Why do I do that show? Because not everybody can afford podcast consulting. And it's my way of saying, hey, you want free consulting, you just got to get up early on Saturday morning. And this last week, we had four different people call in and a large chunk of them. We'd say, hey, thanks so much. And these are people that already had podcast. And we'd say Where can we find your podcast? And the first person said, so I am we are currently working on the website. And then another caller called in and we said, Hey, where can we find your podcast? And she said, so don't hate me, because we are still working on our website as well. Just listening to that. trying so hard, I know, you're trying so hard to get the.com.

And so here is my point on this. Number one, if you can't get the.com, try adding the word show, or radio or the or something to it, I realized that really most of the really good URLs are taken. And if you need a URL, go over to cooler websites.com we can hook you up with a domain. But the thing that really blew me away is they were saying things like, find me on Instagram, find me on Twitter, my Facebook is this or the one person said we have a link tree and link trees make my head explode. 

I really don't understand a link tree nephew date like deep what is the link tree a link tree is where you have one link. And when you go there. And you actually pay for these in some cases, you'll have a link to your Instagram, your Twitter, your Facebook, your Apple podcast, or Google Podcasts or Spotify. All these links. And the idea is, Hey, this is cool. One link and all of your stuff is there, too, which I go Why are you paying for this? And even if it's free? Why are you sending people away? You already have one?

It's called your website?

 So when somebody says, Hey, where can I find your website, you go podcast consultants.com. And then if you want to subscribe, I've got all the buttons, there doesn't matter if you're on Android or an iPhone, or however you want. It's all there podcast consultant.com. Except, of course, now feel free to say that but I would recommend you say your website instead of mine. If you listened to my last episode, I went over the 13 steps of launching a successful podcast. And the next to the last one is to create your website. Now you don't really need anything that spectacular. In fact, in some cases, you can use the website that your media host, which was step 11 gives you but if you're looking for a simple but great looking, and yet powerful website, check out podpage. And I actually have a free course there's no strings attached to this. If you go to schoolofpodcasting.com/learnpodpage, you can actually take this class for free.

And the great thing about pod page is all you do is you take your RSS feed, and you throw it into the system, and it spits out a website that you can then kind of customize. And you can really see what it's going to look like for seven days absolutely free. And after those seven days, the pro features will no longer work, but you can still play with it to make sure it's a good fit. But the answer to where can I find your podcast? Is your website address.

And the reason you don't want to say Oh, just find me an apple. Oh, just find me in Google. Oh, just find me in Spotify is so far. All those apps have horrible. And I mean, horrible. Like hot fudge on a fish stick horrible. Really bad. I think you get my point search. In fact, one of the things you want to do is find the links to your show on those apps and put those on your website. Why? Because what are you going to be doing? directing everyone to your website?

One last thing when people go to your website, if they click and listen to an episode, that means the time on your website is going to go up that can actually boost your Google rankings if they then share that particular link with their social media. That's all these links going back to your website that will boost your Google kind of juice, your Google ranking. And then the last one, if you're doing any kind of Facebook advertising, and you use that whole facebook pixel, you can then place the pixel because they've gone to your website. So I really get confused for two things.

Number one, when somebody uses a link tree, when you could simply have your website.com slash subscribe. And there, they could subscribe to your podcast, they could subscribe to your email list. It's a single link with everything you need, just like a link tree. It's just on your website. So you're promoting your own brand. And then the other one is, if somebody asks you, where can you find my podcast? The answer is, whatever your website is. So if somebody says, Hey, Dave, where can I check out your stuff? I would say, oh, check it out. The podcast is called your podcast consultant. You can find it that podcast consultant calm. I have short lessons with big value. That's it. That's how you do it. If you need help with your podcast, I would love to help you go out to podcast consultant.com. There's that website again, and click on the schedule button and let's get you going in the right direction.