11 Things I Like About the Rode Rodecaster II and Six Things I Don't

Today I look at the Rodcaster II and compare it to the Rodecaster I as well as some other tools such as the Zoom Podtrac P4, and the Focusrite Vocaster

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Rode Rodecaster II

Waves Scheps Omnichannel

Zoom Podtrak P4

Focusrite Vocaster

Samson Q2U





00:01 Opening
00:38 Super Easy Updates
01:07 New Preamps are Quieter
02:10 Automatic Muting of Monitors
02:41 Combo Jacks
03:04 Smart Pads
03:50 Sorry no MIDI Talk Today
04:09 Ducking is "meh"
04:25 Faster Transfer Files as You Only Record the Channels You Need
05:34 No More Polywave
06:09 Mount the Rodecaster II on a Stand (get it off your desk)
07:13 USB C Power Jack
07:49 More Flexible Configuration
08:21 Improved Headphones Amp
08:43 "Shows" feature now on unit (not just software).
09:18 What I Don't Like: USB Outputs
10:35 I Need a Mix Minus On/Off Button on USB 1
13:00 Fade Option Keeps Me Faded Out (operator error)
14:05 A longer boot up cycle (but tolerable)
14:26 The loss of "doing anything you want" on your phone even after spending $30 on a cable.
16:38 Stuff that requires a reboot
17:42 Better routing is coming
18:08 Dimming the lights, but then you can't see them...
19:07 Main outputs. Channels 1 and 2 are stereo output (not channels 1 and 2)
19:49 I lost my countdown timer which was replaced with a pair chart.
20:54 Competition Zoom Podtrak P4
21:50 Focusrite Vocaster
22:22 Who is this for?
23:55 This does not fix plosives
24:24 Casterbation