June 9, 2022

Vocaster Two Overview

Today I'm looking at the Vocaster Two

It is driving a Shure SM7B with room for more. It has four built-in voice enhancements, auto gain, mute, Bluetooth, TRRS input (for your phone) a camera output, 1/4" outputs and separate headphone volumes.

If you're looki…

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According to Listen Notes I'm in the op 1%, but it turns out that I'm not as cool as I thought as I'm beating 1.9 million shows who haven't put out episodes in a while (which one would hope your show outranks that show, yes there are exceptions, but...)



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James Rose and Kim Krajci are both launching new shows and want Dave and Jim's opinions. We also talk with Ross from Live Stream Universe about having multiple shows in one feed.

If you need podcast artwork, logos, or a full website (or a branding audit) reach out t…

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00:01:13 Sponsor:
00:02:25 Mugshot:
00:04:11 Spotify Video?
00:10:43 Can't Get listed In Directory
00:14:36 Writers Room Pro Software
00:17:43 Embracing Different Opinions
00:21:18 Sharing Download Numbers
00:27:51 Robot Readers
00:35:51 Tom W…

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This video is from the School of Podcasting

Here is a list of shows that either went out of business or were purchased by another company.
- Podshow/Mevio 8/2005 – 4/2014 (116 months – 38.8 million dollars spent)
- Podango 9/2006 – 12/2008 (27 Months)
- …

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I saw this question in a Facebook group and just thought the person might need to reframe their thought process.

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Dave is back from Podcast Movement Evolutions and is using the Mixcast 4 with the new firmware update.
Mentioned in this episode

Podcast Branding

Based on a True Story Podcast

Dog Podcast Network

Book Webinar Next…

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I just spent a week of hearing pitches from podcast companies. Many of them proved to me (in a very short amount of time) that they didn't understand their space and created a solution to a problem that didn't exist.

Video Creators

Profit From Your Po…

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I'm starting to see more podcasts where you finally get me to listen and instead of putting the link to whatever you're talking about in your episode description, you're telling me to go to your newsletter or Twitter, etc and I'm finding the episodes weeks (months) after it came out and now I have …

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I hear so many podcasts and within the first two minutes, I've been hit in the face with 15 plosives. This makes you sound like a hack, and if they are listening in the car it is even worse.

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Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from Home Gadget Geeks answer your questions.

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Should I create a new crime podcast? It seems a bit saturated. Today I talk about realistic expectations.

Look at the NFL.
1.1 Million High School Players
853 Will end up in the NFL

Musicians, Actors, and Writers all need a bit of luck.


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You're trying to use social to round up an audience and then you put up a hurdle. You tell people to go to your website and again put up a hurdle.
Make it easy and simple to contact you.
This was recorded using streamyard, and it's a little choppy.

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A minute of ads I will tolerate if you're famous. Also what is your target audience when the advertisements are Neil Sadaka fans that need help with their addiction?
I have no idea what you're talking about or who Baby Boy is. You need to set up the show


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00:26 Introduction
00:43 Hallmark Movie Cliches
03:45 The Lesson from Hallmark
04:45 Proof of Concept Dave Ramsey
05:20 Proof of Concept AC/DC
05:37 You Can't Win
06:00 Feeling Safe is Powerful

Hallmark movies are boring and are filled with tons of cliches. I talk about 11 of them and discover WHY…

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Dec. 11, 2021

Ask the Podcast Coach

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00:00 Opening
00:44 Bonus Lessons
01:08 There is room for improvement.
01:47 Get An Objective Viewpoint ( John)
02:20 Your Environment Affects Your Creativity.
02:47 Don’t Put Unrealistic Expectations On Yourself.
03:14 Doing A Live Show Takes Tons Of Practice.
03:46 Everyone Needs To Be Listene…

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Brought to you by the School of Podcasting and the Average Guy Network

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What You Did Well

The audio is good, and your intro comes in and gets to the point.

What Could Be Tweaked

Skip the witty banter. If you need to say Hi to your co-host ask her if she's excited about the guest.

We don't need their full back story. Unless you're going to talk marketing, do I care?…

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