Today we start off with someone who has tried audio and now video, but their show isn't growing as fast as they would like.
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Mugshot: Based on a True Story Podcast

Dog Podcast Networ…

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This show uses Anchor, and has no actual website listed (a Facebook group).
The one thing missing in radio is PERSONALITY so give people what they are missing. Instead you start off with music. I would've loved some sort of table of cont…

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Today we are joined by Dave who wants to launch a show in December but needs a little feedback. We walk him through identifying his goals and audience.

We also talk about how the show might be changing in 2022.

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One of the most common questions I get is how to make a video podcast with no budget. Well, there are some really cheap solutions out there for this. The problem is that they can be low quality and hard to work with. So today I am going to show you what some tools I've used, and how they can save y…

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04:11  Tascam Feedback
11:06  Shipping Equipment to Guests
17:21  Rodcaster Pro on the Road
19:47  Explain How the Guest benefits…

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03:26 Jim's Marketing Audit
05:05 Mugshot: Based On a True Story Podcast "Based on a True Story"
05:44 Sure MV7X
07:02 Sometimes Your Marketing Is OK
08:36 Changing Your Format
17:42 Live C…

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Today I take a Journey Through Health and Wellness Hosted by, well, I have no idea they never said. The show is about, well, they never said.

Their audio was pretty muffled, and the introduction was impressive but was basically the host just reading their L…

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Oct. 9, 2021

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The podcast rodeo features honest first impressions. Today we are looking at Modern Persian Food

The intro still sounds like you're reading it to me.

There is a fair amount of mic handling noise.

While not super distracting, if a window is open, close it as the so…

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03:37 Lights and Cameras
08:11 Camera For Tutorials at School of Podcasting
14:35 DJL Email?
15:38 Green Screens
20:24 Con You Be Successful in Podcasti…

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03:02 Mugshot:
03:30 Chicen or the Egg?
05:45 The Connection With Your Audience
07:33 Competition in Podcasting?
09:46 Hosting a Meetup For Your Audience
17:49 Clubhouse - You Get Out What You Put In
20:07 Yes, That Was Illegal

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Based on a True Story

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00:03:10 Mugshot: based on a true story podcast…

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00:02:51 Mugshot: Based on a True Story Podcast
00:03:43 How Far Technology Has Come
00:10:00 The Maturing of Audio
00:19:21 Average YouTube Views
00:26:41 Did Dave Break The Law?
00:31:09 Thanks To Our Supporters
00:34:38 How To Start After Your Stop

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