Apps, Resources and Tools You Need?

Today we notice new resources, podcasts, and apps which is great, but some of these we ask, "What problem is this solving?"


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Mugshot: Based on a True Story Podcast

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The Podcast Broker


00:00:38  Sponsor:
00:03:13  Updates on 301 Redirect
00:04:50  Podlotteryand Podfollow
00:14:39  Podpage Short Links
00:16:14  Custom Apps
00:18:19  Podcast Growth Hacks
00:22:14  Podcast SOP
00:23:08  Paid Promos on Other Shows - Does it Work?
00:29:01  Keep LEarning
00:30:41  No Ben Shapiro PM 22 Talk
00:31:58  3 Biggest Things To Stop You As A Listener
00:38:08  Podbroker
00:43:00  Podcast By the Numbers
00:44:41  Podcast P4 Review
00:47:01  Does Dave Have Courses?
00:48:46  What Do You Think Makes Joe Rogan Popular?
00:59:54  Boom Arms
01:05:36  Awesome Supporters
01:08:37  Domain Discussions
01:12:16  Social Media
01:15:45  More Domain Talk
01:19:56  Music Alley

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