Tweaking Your Podcast Format - Back Away From the Rogan

01:58 Sponsor:
03:26 Jim's Marketing Audit
05:05 Mugshot: Based On a True Story Podcast "Based on a True Story"
05:44 Sure MV7X
07:02 Sometimes Your Marketing Is OK
08:36 Changing Your Format
17:42 Live Call In Shows
20:31 Top 3 Things For Starting a New Show
22:25 Business or Hobby
25:24 Cibebt You Can't Get Any Place Else
26:22 Bad vs Good Podcast
29:38 Jim Will Not Listen to Joe Rogan
34:24 Episodic Artwork
39:44 Squadcast Duplicates
44:44 Celebrating Milestones
51:02 Coming Soon - Jim Gets Corrected
52:01 Blog Post Plus Player Equals Podcast
53:20 What Does Google Need?
55:16 Jim Needs Transcripts
56:48 What a Good Blog Posts Looks Like