Ask the Podcast Coach 12-24-22

It's Christmas Eve and Dave and Jim have their Santa hats on and are ready to follow up with last week's adventure with Dave's new Mac Mini. We also look at the question, "Does being a podcaster help you handle stress? 

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Mentioned In This Episode

iDrive online storage

Dave's New Hub

Samson Q2U

One Nation Under Whiskey

Lensa Photo App

Topics Include
10:40 Dave’s tips for finding the most efficient place to store your files.
16:33 Does podcasting help with stress?
21:14 How long before people make fun of you for having a Santa hat?
24:36 Be kind to people like they’re working for you today.
26:27 It's Christmas, so if you need tech support, Google can be your friend
28:17 What’s your go-to resource when it comes to audio editing?
31:47 What’s changed in the video industry.
36:31 What’s your favorite microphone?
41:51 Jim's Favorite Podcast One Nation Under Whiskey.
45:17 Thank Our Awesome Supporters
49:15 How do you make a good promo?
54:53 The importance of being aware of what you are doing.
1:00:01 The video dates faster than the audio.
1:03:46 Does playing back old episodes work for making things evergreen?
1:07:45 The importance of having a timestamp on every episode.
1:15:25 Jim’s new thoughts on his show.
1:20:41 The future of TikTok is going to be like YouTube. How do you keep your downloads from dropping?


Rodecaster Pro
Shure SM7B Microphone
Elgato Facecam