Ask the Podcast Coach 4-15-23

Jim is out taking care of a cat, so we have "Uncle Marv" from the IT Business podcast. We talk about research; how much is enough? Is it better to have a guest on YOUR show or to be a guest on someone else's show?

[00:02:58] Podcast editor discusses the importance of professional artwork and branding for podcasts, while also addressing a question from a listener about research time for a cryptozoology podcast.

[00:25:54] The author discusses the challenges of deciding what to focus on for a podcast and how having too broad of a topic may turn off some listeners. They suggest that attracting listeners who are similarly unfocused may be a benefit but acknowledge that some episodes may not appeal to all.

[00:29:21] Advice for podcasters: consider sponsored content, don't start a podcast without a clear idea, and don't release everything you record. John Lee Dumas's show "Entrepreneurs on Fire" asked guests about their favorite tool.

[00:32:55] Finding your passion for podcasting involves testing and trying different topics, but too much niche content can limit your potential audience. Politics can be especially challenging due to the divisive nature of the topic. Using external tracking services like Podtrack can help monitor downloads.

[00:48:58] "Hot Ones" is a great YouTube show where the host does extensive research on the guests, leading to entertaining interviews over spicy hot wings; CEO's welcome on "What Was That Like" if they were in a train accident; podcasts that feature differing opinions are valued for promoting dialogue and learning. Andrea thinks she has Glenn present.

[00:59:16] Podcast host discusses his show, asks for supporters, and considers how to avoid making the show boring while drumming up support.

[01:07:13] Patreon money comes from time, talent, and treasure. Coach Dave supports fellow podcasters. Financial situations vary. Consider monetizing a podcast after 9 months. LLC may not be necessary for a new podcast.

[01:13:01] Separate business and personal bank accounts are easier with online banking. Mopod Ads may be effective but buzzsprout ads had a low return on investment. Targeting fewer shows may allow for repetition and better results.

[01:21:59] The speaker suggests saving a portion of podcast earnings for taxes and paying quarterly. They also discuss the challenge of formatting show notes for different platforms and recommend keeping it simple with basic text and links, and directing listeners to a website for more detailed information.

[01:26:13] Podcast editor recommends creating comprehensive show notes with links and a website for audience growth. Facebook groups can engage listeners by posing intriguing questions and encouraging interaction. It takes effort to build audience engagement, but once it gets going, it will continue to grow

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