Ask the Podcast Coach 8-14-21

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Based on a True Story

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00:03:10 Mugshot: based on a true story podcast
00:04:19 Glenn on the Road
00:07:13 Relational Elements on the Road
00:07:46 Dave's Worst Argument
00:08:43 Internet Connectivity
00:11:36 Why Has Your Show Stopped Growing
00:20:57 Personal Apps
00:22:55 Handling Plateus
00:25:47 Would Live Inspire People to Keep Podcasting?
00:31:22 Dog Podcast Network
00:32:11 Our Awesome Supporters
00:35:25 Who Wasn't At Podcast Movement?
00:37:46 Tales From the Road
00:41:39 Fixing the AC Noise
00:42:40 Podcast Success in Three Words
00:52:40 Funniest Thing That Has Happened While Recording

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