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Today Dave shares some behind the scenes of his recent Adam Curry interview. We also talk about downloads and when they do and do not matter. 


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00:01:59 Sponsor:
00:03:58 Behind the Scenes of the Adam Curry Interview
00:07:24 Rock and Roll Geek Show
00:08:17 EU Changes Threaten Podcasting
00:11:19 Juneteenth Clarification
00:12:45 Question on Stats
00:14:33 Using Your Web Host as a Media Host
00:18:58 Second Podcast with a Potential Co-host
00:25:05 Your Advice Worked!
00:27:53 Bad Pitches
00:29:17 Awesome Supporters
00:32:33 When do downloads matter?
00:40:23 Example of when downloads don't matter
00:41:57 The birds and the bees of podcasting
00:46:19 Title of Episodes
00:47:15 Equipment for Starting a Podcast
00:51:54 E! Questions
01:02:16 Tips for Starting a Podcast With a Co-host

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