Based on a True Story - Reaction Video / Podcast Rodeo Show

Today we take a look at Based on a True Story. Their description is:

We've all seen the movies that claim to be 'based on a true story', but have you ever wondered how historically accurate they are? That's what we'll aim to find out as we compare Hollywood with history.


This was a great podcast. You explain what the show is about, explain the movie you will be talking about, add a game, and get to the interview in under two minutes. NICELY DONE.

I liked the gamification aspect as it gives someone (like me) who has never seen the movie a reason to pay attention. Your first question was a great way to start and get to the point (How accurate was this movie) so you didn't make me sit through 20 minutes to answer that question.

For me, I would make sure the episodes obvious. I could see "cherry-picking" the episodes based on their titles (and if I've seen them or not).

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