Cryptid Encounters - Podcast Rodeo Show Reaction Video

Description: Cryptid Encounters, it’s a podcast where we learn about the Mysterious, the Strange, the Unknown, Bigfoot, UFO’s, the Paranormal, and of course the Cryptids.


You did a great job of introducing the show and getting RIGHT TO THE EPISODE. - Awesome.
Your voice sounds good, but you are adding soundscaping, and your file is mono (boo buzzsprout) so it loses some of its effect.

I liked that you throw in you live in Alaska. It allows the audience to get to know you.

It's one thing to read it. It's another thing to sound like you're reading. You had a couple of weird pauses. If you're going to read it, it should be near perfect. You also need to add a bit more voice inflection. You weren't completely monotone, but there is a lot of room for more voice inflection.

You had some strange pauses, The CIA Operative assigned to the case had (pause) an answer.

You could work in a few correctly placed pauses to allow people to consume this nonstop flow of content.

You include a fair amount of information that I feel doesn't add anything to the story (the cargo of the plane, the itinerary). You could've started with "(Pilot's name) is flying with his crew who have X amount of years of experiencing, there is a 2-mile visibility as they fly over Alaska when they see two lights..." Starting right at the point.

For more on storytelling see

I was looking to get to the conclusive evidence. That is what got me sucked in, and the quicker you get to the story.

Normally I don't comment on your website, but you need to add your episodes as blog posts with subscribe buttons.
Also having a Patreon may have the cart before the house (It is CROWD funding - not FUNCrowding). Keep in mind that 3% of your audience will sign up as a Patron. It might make more sense to ask your audience to tell a friend (instead of giving you money).

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