Dumb People with Bad Ideas - Podcast Rodeo Show

Today we look at Dumb People With Bad Ideas.
You’re fascinated with people who make mistakes and ALSO want to know more about the world but don’t want to read? In each episode, your brilliant and handsome narrator guides you through a single well-researched story of dumb people, stupid ideas, occasional sound effects, 25 clever turns of phrase and tons of jokes that are really funny but aren’t delivered like they’re funny *at all*. This podcast is delighted by screw-ups, bad taste and crappy people. It makes dumb people smart, and smart people laugh.

This has great production, great subtle humor, and great pacing. The only issue is not something I cover on this type of review and this is your website is having and issue. Also, for me (a musician), the music was just "this much" too loud at times. But it accomplishes two things:

1. I want to hear the end of this episode.
2. I would tell a friend about this episode.

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