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There was a spot that needs to be edited out at the beginning where you are figuring out what to do. Do this BEFORE your press record. There were some low-hanging fruit edits (Um, And so...) and stutter starts. These take seconds to edit out, and just keep the flow of the show going.

You might have introduced Kitty as to why she was on the show (you did when she came on). If we get nitpicky, there was some mouth noise at the very beginning. While I don't care, there are some people who just freak out with those noises (again super easy to edit out).

I liked that you go right to the guest (if you had edited out the calendar talk) and I thought the first question was great at getting us right to the point. The guest somewhat answered the question and then kept going (and going).

You made a statement (I won't read a book by someone who hasn't lived the topic) and I wasn't sure that was necessary and would've just gone to the next question.

I loved that you gave a disclaimer although by the name of the show it's obvious.