I Want To Have A" Big FM Radio Voice" - Ask the Podcast Coach

Today we start off with someone wanting to sound "like the radio." We also have not one, not two, but THREE Hardware questions to let Jim get his nerd on. 

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01:12 Sponsor: podcastbranding.co
03:08 Podcastawards.com
04:36 I Want To Sound Like the Radio
10:47 Fun with Accents
11:52 Freeing Up Desk Space
13:30 How to Do An American Accent
14:46 Monetizing a Table Top Podcast
21:55 Did Dave Have a Musician Podcast?
23:41 Marketing 101
27:08 Our Awesome Supporters

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31:13 Laptop Recommendations
35:37 Weird Guest Request
38:48 Using Your Phone to Record Your Podcast
43:13 Just Do it - You Know What To Do
44:12 Getting More Engagement
47:21 Free Consulting for SOP Members
54:59 Host Your Own Website-Email
55:29 Why I'm Using Sendfox Less

Mentioned In This Episode
Audio Technica BPHS1 Headset mic

Samson Q2U

DBX 286


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