iHeart Radio Stats Available in Spreaker Dashboard - School of Podcasting

Today I show you how you can now see if anyone is consumig your podcaston iHeart radio.
I have used Ask the Podcast coach in the past for the Ask the Podcast Coach show and it allows me to be on iHeart radio.

I always say, the best way to build your platform is to have a self hosted Wordpress website where all other platforms point at your website. I prefer Libsyn.com and blubrry.com as they offer the ability to have an unlimited back catalog and they make it easy to leave their service if you want to (Spreaker does not allow you to do this). Also if you use their RSS importing tool it currently deletes your ID3 tags inside your media (a problem that have noted and are working to fix). Also they create an additional RSS feed for your podcast (I would prefer it points at my RSS feed that I control). I'm glad to see them improving their interface and adding more functionality.
Don't get too excited if you have a lot of followers on spreaker.com When I crunched my numbers only 2% of my followers are actually listening to my show. This reminds me of the early days of MySpace where people just followed in hopes to get a follow back.

If you are using Spreaker as a media host, don't use the link to the download link under the "Download" option you will see in the video that it doesn't point to an actual mp3.