In Person Events Are Back atpc-6-26-21 ep 349

Today Dave share his experiences form the Spark Podcast Christian Conference.

Mentioned in this episode
M-Audio Solo

Audio Technica AT2005

Zoom M1 Dynamic Microphone
00:44 Hey It's FRIDAY!
02:03 Sponsor:
03:18 Dave Reflects on First In Person Event in Years
05:28 Dave Gets a Cool Shout Out
08:04 Different Takes on the Same Subject
11:49 Good Upgrade Mic
15:47 Price Increases Coming?
20:06 If You're Happy Quit Looking at Gear
22:38 PR40 Issue with Mixer
24:53 Where in the world is Mike Phillips?
26:16 How to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing?
30:43 Non Edits That People Don't Notice
32:12 Zoom Mics Any Good?
34:00 Reject Bad Audio From Your Guests
36:09 What To Do With Old Gear?
37:33 The Awesome Supporters
40:51 Getting an Advertisor
42:12 Tone of Podcast (sound)
49:50 Should I Take a Break?

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