Playing with the Wisdom App and Talking 301 Redirects

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00:00 Opening
00:02:34  Great Storytelling
00:04:05  Playing With Wisdom App
00:05:30  What Your Family Thinks of Your Podcast
00:07:10  Is Listennotes A Bunch of Spammers?
00:08:30  301 Redirects
00:19:14  Spam Emails
00:24:05  First Wisdom Caller
00:37:36  Does Every Episode Need a Redirect?
00:39:14  Kyle is Alive
00:41:14  Saunacast
00:51:57  SOP is Moving to Podia
00:52:24  Podcasting with an iPad
00:53:05  Editor Academy
00:53:53  Saunacast Revisited
00:56:00  Awesome Supporters
00:58:36  Recording Via iPad
00:59:16  Keeping in Touch With Past Guests
00:59:42  Dave's CRM
01:05:07  Repurposing Old Episodes
01:08:34  How Many Episodes To Launch With?
01:12:59  Most Trailers Are Awful
01:17:33  The King of CTAs
01:22:31  The Future of Podcasting
01:25:33  Drive Listeners to Take Action
01:26:35  No Show Next Week

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