Podcast Payola and Growing Your Audience

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Do The Work
Don't look for your media host to promote your show (they ALL want you to succeed so you keep podcasting). It is YOUR CONTENT and your Marketing that make your show grow. The media hosts all have their special interfaces (stay away from Anchor) and you may like one interface over the other, but it's not the media host that grows you audience.

Growing Your Audience:
1. Know your audience is
2. Go to where they are (online or in person)
3. Make friends with them (without this step, you are spamming people)
4. Tell them about your show and have links to subscribe on your website.
5. Make content so good that they have to share it with a friend.

The Call to Action
Ask your audience to share your show
Have links to Apple, Google, Spotify, and Amazon on your site.
By sending them to your site you reinforce your band and avoid people having to find you. see www.schoolofpodcastingcom/subscribe
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