The Biggest Things that is Stunting Your Podcast Growth

Are you confident in your content for your podcast? One way to know your audience is getting what they want is to ASK THEM.
I talk about this in-depth at

You can use Google Forms (free) to create a survey. You can have unlimited questions and unlimited responses.

Ask them about content, your schedule, advertisers, guests, etc.

If you ask about things on a sliding scale use even numbers so they can circle something in the middle.

Leave the survey up for at least a month, and know you MIGHT get 5% of your audience. You can offer something like an amazon gift card or a service you provide for free).

Some people may suggest things that just don't fit your show, and they are called "Not your target audience." If you DO get feedback that fits your show and goals, let people know this change is based on feedback (it makes them feel heard).

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00:00 Opening
00:47 Feedback Makes You Better: Why Surveys
01:35 Listeners Are Your GPS
02:34 Questions To Ask
03:55 No Sense Promoting Content That Doesn't Connect
04:07 Sliding Scales Need To Be Even
04:42 How Long To Promote Your Survey
04:51 Engagement is Heartbreaking
05:40 What to Do With The Feedback
07:10 Get Confident In Your Content
07:30 Mom doesn't count
08:05 You're Going In the Wrong Direction