The New Crop of Podcasters

Podcasts have become a popular form of entertainment and media. In the past decade, the podcast industry has experienced tremendous growth. Consequently, those questions we answered over and over are back (what's the best microphone, can I play music, is X amount of downloads good?). Each week Dave Jackson and Jim Collison come to provide free podcast consulting to help these new podcasters. 

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Topics In This Episode

3:43 How can I use three usb mics at the same time?

10:04 What’s going on with SEO in the Apple community?

18:06 Clumping all the interviews into a single podcast.

19:45 Make sure your contact information is available for people if they're trying to find you.

22:50 Transcripts by request.

26:43 How to get people to listen to their own voices.

31:30 When you put bad audio on your podcast, it’s your brand that takes the hit.

34:20 What’s the best headset for this kind of podcast?

40:59 How to break up a long interview into multiple episodes.

45:50 One plus one equals two.

50:37 What’s the best microphone under 100 bucks?

54:33 How to get into the darknet diaries?

59:22 Apple is transcribing your show and coming up with topics.

1:03:11 Searching for your topic on Apple Podcasts.

1:09:49 Stream Yard has been rolling out a bunch of new features.

If you had a spike in your show, there is a user agent for it. (android)