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Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Erik K. Johnson from Podcast Talent Coach take a look at the Pharmacist's Voice hosted by Kim Newlove. Here is the description of the podcast: The Pharmacist’s Voice

The Pharmacist's Voice is a weekly, journey-style podcast about Ohio pharmacist Kim Newlove's career change from pharmacist to voice actor. She alternates solo shows and interview shows. The solo shows are about her career change, and the interview shows feature a variety of people who use their voices to advocate, educate, or entertain.

What We Liked About the Show

Kim does a good job explaining why the guest is on a show, and has a clear idea of who should (and shouldn't be on her show).

Kim does a good job of bringing the guest back on topic.

Her audio sounds great.

Her website is a PHENOMINAL example of someone who has a business AND a podcast and doesn't burry the podcast while keeping the business front and center.

Some Things That Could Use Some Tweaking

Kim is a voice actor, so her diction is perfect. Towards the end of the show we conclude that when she slows down the speed of her talking it makes it appear that her diction and delivery is a bit stiff. Her demo is amazing and filled with energy. We want more of that.

While Kim's website does a great job of promoting her business, she barely mentions her services in the podcast. She does ask people to visit her website, but could boost this effort by explaining why. We provide a few examples of how to tie her business into her podcast.


As a journey podcast, Kim's podcast, has already resulted in her getting some voice work. With 100 episodes under her belt, she is doing a lot of things correctly. He website is a great website where everything appears planned, and her brand just oozes professionalism. We wish her all the best.

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