Why You Should NOT Use SoundCloud as a Podcast Host

As someone who helps people who have made mistakes launchign podcasts, I will admit I've had enough of people coming out the wordwork providing advice when they haven't done their homework. I'm sure I'm guilty of this, but I do my best to always do my home work.

Soundcloud seems to be the new bright and shiny object on the podcasting horizon. Yes the player is cool, but go look at their site. Nobody is leaving comments. Here are some thoughts.

1. You can't leave soundcloud if you submit their feed to iTunes.
2. It appears nobody is using the comments.
3. Their stats pale in compare to Libsyn.com (and blubrry.com)
4. They are in BETA for Pete's sake.

Libsyn.com is the media host I use for the School of Podcasting. You can get a free month by using the coupon code SOPFREE.