Sept. 1, 2022

Additional Stats You Can Get From Directories

Additional Stats You Can Get From Directories

I'm back from speaking at Podcast Movement in Dallas. I shared a presentation, and here are some of the main points. 1. Never let anyone get between you and your podcast, web host, media host, etc. If you're "Podcast Manager" set up your hosting with...

I'm back from speaking at Podcast Movement in Dallas. I shared a presentation, and here are some of the main points. Watch my full presentation.

1. Never let anyone get between you and your podcast, web host, media host, etc. If you're "Podcast Manager" set up your hosting with their credit card, THEY own your show. 

2. You can get additional stats from places like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon.

In Apple, you can see what is called engaged listeners as well as how many people are following your show, and how far they listen. 

In Google, you can see much of the same as well as what people are entering into Google search to find your show.

In Spotify, you get the above information in addition to demographic data for your show and your episodes.

Did you know that when you add your show to Amazon, you can ask Alexa to play your podcast on Amazon Music? (and that your show is in Audible?). 

This information can help you make better podcasts and grow your audience. 

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I'm back from Podcast Movement, where I shared about different stats that you can get from different platforms that aren't your media host. But I opened up my presentation where I more or less screamed at my audience to never let someone get between you and your podcast. And today, I'm gonna expand on that.

Welcome to your podcast consultant, small lessons with big value. Now, he wants to work with you. He's your podcast consultant, Dave Jackson.

You want to start a podcast, and you don't know what to do. And so you Google something about podcasting, and somebody comes up and they say, Oh, I can help you with your podcast. And so you hire them without really seeing that number one A, do they have a podcast? Because you'll be amazed at how many podcast consultants don't. That's kind of like I don't know, hiring a mechanic that doesn't own a car. And they may end up keyword there may end up doing things that you will find out later that you're like UI. Yeah. So one of them that I see a lot. I work in tech support for a large podcast hosting company called Lipson. And I often see this problem and here's what it is, you hire, let's call it a podcast manager. And they go in, and they order your media hosting. So let's say you're using Lipson, and they put in their credit card to get things up and going. And then they go over to Apple podcasts, and they set your show up in Apple podcasts. Well, guess what, because their credit card is on what should be your Lipson account, it's not your Lipson account, it's theirs. And guess what? You're now the host of a podcast that you don't own. Likewise, there are extra stats in Apple, in Google, in Spotify, and in Amazon. And if you let them set it up, those aren't your stats, they can at any time say Nope. No stats for you. And that's why you never want someone to get between you and your media host, your website host and your podcast directories.

Well, Dave, I don't know what to do, I don't know how to set up a podcast in Apple podcasts, what you want to do is get on a zoom call with whoever you hire. Now, obviously, I prefer you hire me. But get on zoom with them. And say, Okay, I want to set up Apple, Google, Spotify and all the other directories, show me how to do it. Because it simply it's a few clicks, it's not that hard. You just need to know where to click. And that's what you're paying them for their experience. So never let a podcast manager or editor or producer or whatever they're calling themselves get between you and your podcast because that really enables them to get between the most important relationship. And that is you and your audience.

In just a second, I'm going to explain some of the different stats that you can get from Apple, Google, Spotify, and Amazon.

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And most media hosts again, Lipsyn Buzzsprout, Captivate whoever you are using, will make it so that you can see how many downloads you received. You can see where your audience is in the world, you can see what app they are using. And then above that, they all kind of pair off. But that's really the top three that you want anyway. But there are other stats that you can get in these different portals that are provided by these companies. So for example, Spotify, because when you sign up to listen to Spotify, you have to give demographic data. You can see the demographic data, you can see oh, wow, 67% of my audience is male. You can also go in because there is show data. And there's episode data. So for example, I do a show called the podcast rodeo show where I grab a random podcast and see how long I can hang on that audience on Spotify is primarily male but 60% male.

However, when I did an episode about Amy Schumer, that episode was 67% female. It's also going to show you what music your audience likes. I'm still not quite sure what that is maybe for transition music, but that is something you can only get in Spotify now an apple and they and these are all somewhat the same, but they do give you information because you can do this in Spotify as well. And that is see how far people listen.

Now one of the things you have to be careful with stats, be careful what you wish for. Because number one, I can tell you this, if at the end of the show you go, hey, thanks so much for listening. Next week, we're gonna Yeah, they're gone already. The minute listeners hear that the show is over, they're off to the next episode. So you will see a steep decline at the end of your show.

Now, in Apple, they have a cool metric called engaged listeners. And that is people that listen to at least 20 minutes. And if you can wait my shows not even 20 minutes, this one isn't, well, did they listen to 40% of an episode.

And in Spotify, you can see how many people follow you. You can do the same thing in Apple podcasts, Google podcasts is interesting, because it shows you what people searched for to get to your show from Google. And they break that down here as something that people searched that brought an actual player up in the search results. And that's something you can't get anyplace else. Now, in Amazon. They don't really give you any stats again, they're going to show you how many followers you have, and etc, etc.

But the one thing I always like to point out about Amazon is that when you're on Amazon music, you are also in audible. And so here again, you're in front of a lot of people, both in the music side and the audiobook side that love audio. But the other thing you can also do is if you have a woman in the tube now you know what I mean by that. I'm going to call her Lexi. You can I ask Lexi to play your show, and I'm going to actually try this here. I'm just going to use my phone. But I'll bleep out the a word. And we'll see if this works.

So (Alexa bleeped out) play your podcast consultant, podcast on Amazon music, getting your podcast consultant from Amazon music. Here's episode 125 I've been gone so long. How do I bring my podcast back to life happened and you had to take a break. And she brings it up in Amazon Music Now if you have an audience's not super technical, and your show doesn't have some sort of weird made up word like pod printer, then she should have a pretty decent chance of finding it. And I have found that if you add the word podcast to that so in that case, I said your podcast consultant podcast that she seems to work a little better.

If you need help setting up your podcast growing your podcast I help podcasters it's what I do. And you know I'm gonna do it in the right way so that you maintain control. Just go out to podcast and schedule a strategy session today.

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