Ask the Podcast Coach 9-18-21

03:02 Mugshot:
03:30 Chicen or the Egg?
05:45 The Connection With Your Audience
07:33 Competition in Podcasting?
09:46 Hosting a Meetup For Your Audience
17:49 Clubhouse - You Get Out What You Put In
20:07 Yes, That Was Illegal
25:51 How Many Years to Make Money?
28:46 Big Changes on One Suggestion
33:04 Mewe Vs Circle
37:49 Awesome Supporters
42:36 Letting a Competitor Advertise On Your Show
47:23 Different Styles Attract Different People
48:11 Dave's Soundstage
52:49 Nudity in Podcasting
55:49 Private YouTube Videos

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