Black Friday Toys, Santa is Huge on TikTok

Whether you love it or hate it, Black Friday is a shopping holiday that has taken over America. For many people, it's a time to score great deals on presents for the people in their lives. But for others, it's a stressful day of fighting crowds and dealing with rude customers. Today we share what black Friday deal we pounced on, and we get an appearance from Santa who wants tips of using video and audio at the same time. We also take a call from someone who wants to make a show to help veterans not feel so alone.

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4:59 Power Outages and Power Outages.
11:13 If you could do an exit survey to your audience, what would you listen to?
18:37 What do you see for numbers in your business?
24:22 If you feel like you need to edit your video, do it.
27:36 Santa is huge on Tick Tock.
32:56 What’s not working with Patreon?
38:31 Podcasts have a ways to go in adoption.
45:16 What I’m doing with my Windows computer.
52:54 The number of emails you get on a Friday.
56:57 What to do if Windows doesn’t shut down properly?
1:00:10 What’s up with the SuperPass experience?
1:06:46 How do you keep up with your newsletter?
1:10:26 Consider linking your RSS feed to your platform.
1:18:40 What inspired you to start a podcast?
1:23:23 Don't Make Your Name Too Tricky
A podcast for veterans in the making?

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