My Guests Audio is Horrible

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04:11  Tascam Feedback
11:06  Shipping Equipment to Guests
17:21  Rodcaster Pro on the Road
19:47  Explain How the Guest benefits
20:35  Adding Effects in Post Show
22:04  Cheap Headphones
23:10  Automatic Downloads in Apple
25:16  Tracking Your Time Can Crush You
27:18  Jim Recommends Headset
29:12  How Long From Idea to Promotion
32:06  Streamyard and Facebook
33:32  Awesome Supporters
37:54  Dave in Florida Next Week
40:29  Hobby Podcasters - Know Your Strengths
48:12  Take Care of Yourself
49:27  3 Things Every Podcaster Needs
53:09  The Importance of Sleep
55:01  1 Long or 2 Short Parts