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On this episode of Ask the Podcast Coach, the hosts discuss various topics such as podcast trends, taxes, storytelling techniques, feedback, private podcasts, competition, and many more. They also share their funny and insightful personal experiences throughout their careers. They stress the importance of adapting to changes, focusing on quality content, and getting feedback for improvement. They also discuss different platforms for hosting private podcasts and how to get the best interview sound quality. They end the episode by promoting their sponsors and encouraging listeners to become awesome supporters. If you're interested in podcasting, this episode is for you!

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Auphonic (volume leveling tool)

Descript (ending and sound fixing tool)

Adobe Enhance (bad audio fixing tool) (sell premium content)

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Profit From Your Podcast (book)

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[00:06:28] Know your audience and reason for creating content to attract the right audience; it's not about equipment or aesthetics. Focusing on the "why" keeps you motivated. Don't create content just for ads, but for a genuine purpose.

[00:08:42] Competition in podcasting isn't as intense as it seems. If you have a clear "why" and achieve it, your podcast is successful regardless of its quality or audience.

[00:13:50] Podcast editor discusses the pressures of producing popular shows and the importance of practice for improving speaking skills on a podcast. Planning can reduce the need for editing.

[00:21:38] Feedback and adjustments made based on listener perspective. Podcasting journey and improvement.

[00:23:11] Advice for podcasters on choosing hosting platforms and getting guests to use good microphones.

[00:36:23] Adobe Enhance is a tool for cleaning up bad audio, but has no control knobs. If you have separate tracks, it can improve the audio, but other tools like Descript Studio Sound allow for more control. Isotope RX is another alternative, but can be time-consuming.

[00:44:20] The text provides a comparison between three private podcasting platforms: Glow, Patreon, and Supercast, highlighting their features, pricing, and ease of use for both creators and listeners. It also discusses the challenges of monetizing premium content and emphasizes the importance of promoting it to the audience.

[00:47:52] The text includes mentions of coffee, supporter music, a new supporter named John, the School of Podcasting, coaching, Podpage, and becoming an awesome supporter of the podcast.

[01:08:22] Hold phone closer, Rumble Studio for asynchronous interviews.

[01:13:38] Podcaster talks about using Rumble Studio and a narrative style for interviews, and the potential for influencers to promote their episodes. Also mentions a funny encounter with a dog during a recording.

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