May 6, 2020

What Wrong With My Podcast Formatting? No Links?

What Wrong With My Podcast Formatting? No Links?

It looks weird in apps

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You've created an episode, you added links, you added some boldness, you added some formatting to your description.

You send it out to the world and you go into Apple podcasts, and none of the links show up. Why is some of this missing?

You look in Spotify and you're like, why is everything one giant paragraph that looks horrendous? That's not how I created it.

Then you look at other apps and it looks perfectly fine. You think what do I have to do to make this look good?

Here is the sad news. You can't.

I made a quick video to show you how the links are there (in Apple Podcasts),

it just depends on where in the app you are looking at the content (you need to subscribe and be in the library)


It's frustrating. My goal with this episode is to help you avoid wasting your time trying to fix something that can't be fixed as its not your fault. 

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