March 04, 2020

Artwork Not Appearing in Apple Podcasts App

There are two places you can put artwork for your podcast. One is for the show, and the other is for the episode. There are two views in Apple podcasts. One I will call the "Store view" (which is the view you are using when you search for something)....


February 26, 2020

Playing Music in Your Podcast

To play the music you hear on the radio legally on your podcast you need permission from The Songwriter The Song Performer Whoever owns the Mechanical Rights Without permission from all of the above parties, you can't legally play the music (and...


February 19, 2020

Everybody Gets a Microphone

If you are going to be interviewing people in the same room, or if you have a co-host in the same room - you HAVE to pretend your Oprah. YOU GET A MICROPHONE - YOU GET A MICROPHONE -EVERYBODY GETS A MICROPHONE. If you don't get that, here is the clip...

Technology Insights

February 12, 2020

Creating 10 Magic Words

In Monday's School of Podcasting I have Eric Nuzum who is the author of Make Noise A Creators Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling. One of the exercises is pretty hard: Here is is: Describe your idea in no more than ten words, and do so in...


February 05, 2020

Your Podcast Description - Who and What

When you are making your podcast description you need to keep two things in mind: Who is it for? Is this for guitar players? Is it for people just starting out or for professional musicians? Those are two VERY different audiences.  If its...

Strategies Planning

January 29, 2020

Why Would People Listen to You?

Your podcast is a gift. The question is are you a person who buys people a gift card (which screams "not very personal, not much thinking put into the gift) vs a personalized gift that shows you really know what the person wants.  So Why...


January 22, 2020

How Long Does it Take to Grow Your Podcast Audience?

I can handle this topic a couple of different ways. I could tell you what you want to hear and say you can grow your audience in about six weeks (and a lot of you would take out your credit card). You might go to ,  and say, "Let's do one of...

Strategies Insights

January 15, 2020

A Free Strategy to Get a Clear Picture of Your Audience

I'm reading the book and in the book author Eric Nuzum has a cool strategy of going to and typing in some of the keywords that you might use about your subject. Find some pictures of people and maybe print them out, and then make up their bio. Give...


January 08, 2020

Why You NEED to Know Your Audience

I have an extreme situation. My neighbor's mother died today. She was 96 and it wasn't a surprise. Still, as I don't really know my audience I don't know how to react. Do I say Everything is going to be fine? Your mother is now in heaven......

Strategies Insights

December 18, 2019

I'm Nervous About Trying Something New

You are thinking of changing the format or going "outside the box" of your typical topics, and you're nervous. While it can help to get feedback from other podcasters, or your friends, but the BEST place to get feedback from is your AUDIENCE. ...

Insights Strategies

December 11, 2019

Tips on Live Streaming

I do a show every Saturday at 10:30 AM ET at It's the same time every week so my audience knows when and where to find me. It never changes. If I don't feel good, the show must go on.  If you are just starting out and you think you will field...


December 04, 2019

Creating Crowdfunding Rewards

If you're working on crowdfunding, you have to position your rewards in a way so that they are a reward for your audience.  What Do Superfans Want? Superfans want more content. They love your show and they want more of it. Keep in mind they also...

Strategies Planning

November 27, 2019

Making 60,000 From Patreon

From the website, you can expect 5% of your audience to join your crowdfunding campaign. The average patronage is $7/month. If you want to make $60,000 (take home) you need to make $98,192 gross income. This means you need 1169 patrons.  To have...


November 20, 2019

Getting Your Content Should Be Simple

I had someone ask me about publishing a "preview" of a show and then putting the "full" version of the website (but not have the full version go to Apple, Google, etc). There are tools at Libsyn.com (use the coupon code sopfree for a free month) to...


November 13, 2019

Getting Your Podcast Guests to Share Your Show

You notice that none of your quests that you interview on your podcast are sharing their interview. There is a reason for that. The interview you did was very similar to the other interviews they have done in the past and their audience has...


November 06, 2019

Ask the Question and Shut Up

In the previous episode, we talk about the importance of listening, to take this one more level deeper in this episode I want to talk about the importance of staying out of the way of the guest. I edit some client's show's and when you do active...


October 30, 2019

The Key to a Good Podcast Interview

It's not the size of the guest that brings value, its the size of the value that makes the guest.  When doing interviews you need to ask yourself: Why am I bringing this person on? How will this person bring value to my audience? Then do some...


October 23, 2019

Podcast Booking Resources

You are looking for places to be interviewed, or you're looking for guests for your show. Today we talk about a few. Some of these resources will charge between $400-$1000 per month (hundreds of dollars per episode). There are events that again cost...


October 16, 2019

How to Be the Best Podcast Guest

When you get booked to be on a show your goals is to understand the goal of the show, and understand who you are talking to. Here are some steps to take: Listen to at least two episodes of the podcast before your appearance. Show up on time. It is...


October 09, 2019

How to Record Interviews For Your Podcast?

Avoid The Phone if Possible Unless it is your only option, you want to avoid using an actual phone line as it will sound like, well, the phone (it cuts some of the clarity out and the bass). If you have people who will only use a phone you can get a...


October 09, 2019

How to Get Booked on Podcasts as a Guest

Here is what people do to me: Hello (no name), I love your show (which one I have several).  Here are a few paragraphs about me and why I'm so great.  Here is How to Get Booked on Podcasts: Do your homework and listen to the show...


October 02, 2019


, I mentioned how you shouldn't take a break. With this in mind, I realize that "life happens" and you can't put things like your family or your job, or your health on the back burner so something has to go (and that something is your podcast)....


September 25, 2019

Should I Take a Holiday Break with My Podcast?

There are holidays throughout the year especially towards the end of the year. Some questions you might ask is: Is your audience taking a break from driving to work? Are they not grocery shopping/walking the dog? Are they traveling over the holidays...


September 18, 2019

Get Your Podcast on Amazon For Free

Smart speakers are getting more and more popular, but for the most part podcast listening is not the MAIN thing that people are using their devices (like the Amazon Dot, or Echo) for (and we can include the Google Home).  There are companies that...

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