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December 01, 2021

When Is Your Podcast Good Enough to Publish?

With a Thanksgiving Turkey, they now have that little red peg that pops up to let you know the turkey is ready. How does that work in podcasting? You've worked for HOURS on this first episode. IS it ready?  Don't Publish The First Thing You...

Strategies Focus Group

October 01, 2021

Is the Curse of Knowledge Ruining Your Podcast Interview?

You’ve probably heard the phrase knowledge is power. I always say knowledge is power when you act on it. Today I’m going to explain when knowledge is a curse. When you do an interview, picture yourself sitting at a table with your guest across...


January 15, 2021

Podcast Promotion 101

Point them To Your Website


January 01, 2021

Launching a Podcast in 2021

13 Steps to Launch a Successful Podcast


December 01, 2020

Is Your Podcast Missing Love From Google?

Today we are going to talk a little about Podcast SEO - (Search Engine Optimization) There are types of players that media hosts provide that are often called: Show Player (instead of an episode player) Podcast Juke Box Binge Box There are WordPress...

Strategies Planning

November 01, 2020

How to Tell How Many People Subscribe To Your Podcast

How many subscribers does my podcast have? Just this morning, I've had three people email me this question this morning (and I heard it on my last coaching call).  The answer is: you can't. There's no actual way to get that number. YouTube Vs...


September 15, 2020

Before You Pay to Promote Your Podcast - DO THIS

I was in a Facebook group and someone asked, "What are your tips for getting more listeners to your podcast?" and the very first comment was, "Marketing.. Facebook ads" and while there were other decent suggestions, many of the suggestions were BUYING...

Strategies Focus Group

August 15, 2020

Charging Your Podcast Guest An Appearance Fee?

Supply and Demand The "law" of supply and demand is this: The more demand there is for a product, the more you can charge for it. There are many things that lead and boost demand, and that is outside the scope of today's show. In general, you are...


August 02, 2020

How to Do An "Ask Me Anything (AMA)" Episode

Oscar Trimboli asked me, "Hey, do you have anything about doing an Ask me anything sometimes called AMA's. That type of episode?" Well, there are a couple of things to think of number one, for this to work you need an audience. So this is the first...


June 17, 2020

Can You Have TOO MUCH Voice Inflection?

When you are podcasting you are talking to your audience, but you also have to realize there is a bit of "performance" mixed in. This is why you had people like Wolfman Jack and other people who were super high energy. Then you had people like Paul...


April 29, 2020

Take the Word PODCAST Out of Your Name

If someone asked me what was one of my Favorite books I wouldn't say "Platform Book." I would just say Platform.  If someone asked what was one of my favorite movies? I wouldn't say "Caddyshack Movie." I would just say "Caddyshack." If someone...


April 15, 2020

Don't Starve Your Audience

Do you use phrases like this? Before we get to ______ Without further adu I don't want to delay any further The Thin Line Between Teasing and Annoying It's one thing to take a quick 30-60 second tangent. It's a completely different issue when your...


April 01, 2020

Turn Your Stuff Into a Podcast

You have some files on your hard drive, you have some old CD's or cassettes that helped people back in the day, and helped people or entertained them.  What do you need? If you want to add some additional information to the content, you will need...


February 05, 2020

Your Podcast Description - Who and What

When you are making your podcast description you need to keep two things in mind: Who is it for? Is this for guitar players? Is it for people just starting out or for professional musicians? Those are two VERY different audiences.  If its...

Strategies Planning

January 22, 2020

How Long Does it Take to Grow Your Podcast Audience?

I can handle this topic a couple of different ways. I could tell you what you want to hear and say you can grow your audience in about six weeks (and a lot of you would take out your credit card). You might go to ,  and say, "Let's do one of...

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