Aug. 15, 2022

I've Been Gone so Long How Do I Bring My Podcast Back?

In a way it doesn't matter WHY you were away, but you started a podcast and were consistent in your schedule, until you weren't.  Life happened and what was supposed to be a few days turned into a few weeks, maybe months, or even years.  Now...

In a way it doesn't matter WHY you were away, but you started a podcast and were consistent in your schedule, until you weren't. 

Life happened and what was supposed to be a few days turned into a few weeks, maybe months, or even years. 

Now you want to come back, but you feel a bit weird. Maybe a bit embarrassed that you started and then just vanished. Don't be. 

I haven't bowled in years. I have a ball and bag around here somewhere and if I walk into an Alley to score some games, nobody cares that it has been decades.

Go back to the basics. 

Identify why you're podcasting.

Identify who this is for and what they need.

Identify what you want them to do. 

Give them what they want, ask for what you need,

and don't be being. 


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David Jackson  0:00  
Life happened and you had to take a break. Maybe it was days, weeks, months, even years, you've been gone a long time. How do you bring your podcast back? Welcome to your podcast consultant, small lessons with big value. Now he wants to work with you. He's your podcast consultant, Dave Jackson. Hey, I'm Dave Jackson, I help podcasters. It's what I do. And this is one of those situations that I just see podcasters overthink it. They're like, I've done this launch. I've been doing it for maybe four months, for whatever long you've been doing it and something happens, life happened, somebody got sick, maybe you lost a job, something has happened. And all of a sudden, the priority of putting out a podcast has moved down the rank. And you didn't put any out. And then you're like, well, now I need to come back. How do I do that? It's a lot like bowling, and I'll explain what the heck that means. Right after this. I used to bowl all the time as a teenager, I actually started when I was probably six, I'd be out there my socks and rolling the ball between my legs. And I'm really not that good at it for the record. But I know somewhere in my house, I have a ball and bag with shoes in it. And think about it. If I decided tomorrow to go bowling, I would just pick up my bag, walk into the alley. And in my head, I'm thinking Oh, I haven't been in here so long. Nobody knows that. And nobody really cares. They're kind of focused on their own thing. And so I can see where I might overthink it. Like, oh, everybody's gonna look at me, and I'm gonna be horrible or whatever. No, it's a little bit like an exercise bike. Every January, we decide to lose some weight, we dust that thing off, and we get on it. And probably by March, we're done riding it until, of course, next January, where we just dust it off and hop back on. And so this is one of those things I think, most podcasters overthink, we're too much in our head. And just go back to the basics. Why am I doing this? Who is it for? What do they need? And what do I want them to do? And then you get behind the mic, you press record, you might have to edit it because you're a little rusty, that's normal. And when you get it ready, and you're ready to deliver value to your audience, you put it out, I would not open up the show with a giant apology. And here's why. You might be listening to this. I'm putting this out on August 15 2022. There's going to be somebody that listens to this episode, on August 15 2025. If I spend five minutes going, I'm so sorry, the dog and then grandma and my job. And though the kids, they're gonna be like, I have no idea what he's talking about. So keep that in mind. And I appreciate the fact that you want to apologize, I've talked about this in the past. If you must do that, do it at the end, and just explain, hey, I had life happen. I'm back. I'm glad you're here. Tell a friend and just pretend like you never left. So if you've taken some time off, I hope you had a great time. I hope you feel rested. I just did an episode on the school of podcasting. I'll put a link to this on it podcast 125, where I talked about how a lot of really famous content creators, especially the young ones on YouTube are burning themselves out, like super quick. And the other thing they're finding is that they have more money than God. And they're miserable. So I'll put a link to that again, podcast to five, that's an episode I did on the school of podcasting. If you're like, wait, you do another podcast? Yeah, I do. And that one's usually somewhere around 30 to 50 minutes where this one is always under 10. And speaking of the School of podcasting right now, I've updated it, we kind of have school of podcasting version 4.0 and that now comes with unlimited time shifted one on one consulting. It's so much fun to have an app where you can basically send a text, you can send audio, you can send video, you can send an image, whatever you want. It's like having me in your pocket. If you want to check it out, go to school of I'm Dave Jackson. I help podcasters it's what I do, and I want to be your podcast consultant. Thanks so much for listening. I'll see you back on the first