What Does "Taking Your Podcast to The Next Level" Mean?

When I browse different groups, websites, etc I see new podcasters who have been producing content for a while and now they want to take things "to the next level." So we start the show today asking, "What does taking your podcast to the next level mean?"

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5:04 What does “next level” mean?
10:09 Take care of the people you’ve been given.
13:59 Making it easy to receive satoshis -. See Video 
19:29 New Podcast Apps: Don’t treat these apps like they’re perfect out of the gate.
24:17 The blockchain is not the right blockchain for this kind of transaction.
29:34 The pros and cons of buying a road caster pro. see https://supportthisshow.com/rodecasterpro

33:07 If it ain’t broke for my editing, and I want to switch to something more mainstream, but I'm worried about the learning curve.

38:01 You should get a Mac Mini.
41:54 Todd says he’s still using Audacity as his main daw.
45:49 If it’s good, people may not be ready for it. An App Sumo Deal that may be a little too good
53:16 How Twitter has changed over the last 10 years.
57:25 Recreational outrage the national past time
1:03:40 David’s thoughts on listening to things that we disagree with.
1:12:22 Dick Goddard and the magic of pancake makeup.
1:15:24 What to check if your computer is having problems.

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